Firearms Courses

We offer shooting classes at Dead Cat Ranch.
All classes are $125 per person along with the costs of gun rentals and ammunition.
Reservations are required. 

Intro to Firearms: The Basics

Pistol and carbine. How the guns work, load, unload, shoot, magazine change, field strip, and clean. This class is suitable for those with little to no experience.

Shooting Challenge

Series of drills focused on accuracy. 100 shot test (see if you can get all 100!) Pistol or carbine.

Tactical Pistol/Carbine/Shotgun

Series of drills to shoot one of these systems dynamically. Tactical shooting drills, combat sighting, shooting from cover and different positions, reloads, moving and shooting, cover and move. Best done with a friend!

Call to Reserve

(903) 372-0728