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Dead Cat Ranch has always been a place for family, so every guest who stays with us is welcomed like family. Our friendly and knowledgable staff are here to help you as much, or as little, as you’d like.

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Relax, Play, Stay

Three very simple words, yet they mean a lot to us at Dead Cat Ranch.

Slow living, unplugging, and being at one within yourself and nature are what it’s all about. Everyone who’s a part of our staff contributes to our fine East Texas hospitality and good-natured living.

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Are you ready to relax and play as the day melts away?
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In Memory of Jerry Spencer

Jerry John Spencer started building pieces of the Dead Cat Ranch property over 43 years ago, eventually blossoming into what is now 1,200-acre of pristine East Texas ranch land and wilderness. Jerry was a self-made man with quick wit, a life-long love of learning, and an undeniable brain for business. He served as a Captain in the Marine Corps and will always be remembered for his commitment to the community and his mentorship to so many. Out of all the places he had traveled and all the experiences that he had, his favorite place to be was at the ranch. Jerry’s love of Dead Cat Ranch is shared with his family and will be his legacy for generations to come.