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Suggested Packing List

Come prepared for your stay

Packing for a trip is hard enough, especially when you’re planning for multiple activities! We’ve put together this suggested list to make sure you’re ready for whatever adventure you get into while staying at Dead Cat Ranch.

Remember, we do provide the basics such as towels, linens, dishes, spices, oils, Keurig Maker (K-Cups, creamer, and sweeteners included) along with your basic toiletries such as soap, shampoo, toilet paper, hair dryer, etc.

Packing List

  • Sunscreen
  • Off spray
  • Lip Balm
  • Hat
  • Bandana (for trail dust, in case it gets dusty out there!)
  • Sunglasses
  • Camelback or small backpack with water bottle (keeping hydrated is important!)
  • Book/reading material
  • Music/headphones to enjoy at the pool or elsewhere
  • Camera
  • Swim suit (weather permitting)
  • Long pants and shirt
  • Jacket, sweater (weather permitting)
  • Gloves (weather permitting)
  • Tennis shoes/hiking boots
  • Lightweight rain jacket with rain boots if you want to puddle jump
  • Slip on shoes for getting in and out of the cabin
    (we do ask that you take your shoes off upon entering the cabins)
  • A set of (mostly) nice clothes in case you want to have a nice dinner
  • 1-2 extra sets of clothes for back up
  • Food and drink (alcohol is permitted)


  • If you choose to grill outside, we do provide a lighter, lighting fluid, and some grilling tools but you will need to buy charcoal (we do sell charcoal if you choose to wait). We provide the first bundle of firewood and each additional bundle after that is available for purchase for $5.
  • If you plan on horseback riding, you must wear long pants with close toed shoes! Cowboy boots or tennis shoes are preferred but please know that hiking boots are not good for riding.
  • If you are wanting to shoot guns, we do rent our guns and ammo and provide hearing protection. Eye protection can be purchased, if desired. We do provide helmets for the ATV’s as well as the basic fishing gear and tackle for fishing (if you are an experienced fisherman, you may want to bring your own gear). We also provide life vests for the Jon boat, fishing kayak and the paddleboat.